New Show Pics Uploaded

Show Pics from Bud’s, Phibbs and Playerz have been uploaded!

Buds 10-23-15 (129)

Show pics from Bud’s on 07-31-15 and 08-15-15

Just a quick note, we have uploaded show pics from Bud’s and the Depot to ourwebsite. If you have not liked our Facebook page or joined our mailing list please do so NOW! No really now!

New Tee-Shirts Available!!

Our New Summer Tees our in!!!

$15 each at show

$20 for mail order to cover processing and postage.


Voodoo Slim’s Jon Colston on News Channel

Jon on NC9This  morning Jon Colston guitarist for Voodoo Slim, appeared on Good Morning Chattanooga. He gave Lauren St. Germain a guitar lesson.

Dalton Depot Tonight!

Voodoo Slim makes there return to Dalton Tonight!

Dalton Depot

Voodoo Slim tees in action

Voodoo Slim Tee fan

Thanks Steve for showing Voodoo Slim the love!

Band Bio’s Updated

Voodoo Slim site updated with Band bio’s and Show Dates.

Don’t Forget this weekend show with Exit Sixty

Exit Sixty with Voodoo Slim @ Skyzoo

Up Coming Shows

pickVoodoo SlimShow Dates:

Dec. 6th Opening for Exit 60 @ Skyzoo  9pm Check out Exit 60 here!

Jan. 24th 2015 Voodoo Slim at  Dalton Depot 9:00pm

Feb. 28th 2015 Voodoo Slim at Oyster Pub 9:00pm

Tee-Shirts and Boggins

TEE Shirts are in! Get yours now for $20.00 Plus a limited supply of Boggins for $10.00




Voodoo Slim Official Tee- Shirts Coming Soon



Our First Run of Tee-Shirts Coming Soon.

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