Voodoo Logo TransparentVoodoo Slim is a 5-piece rock cover band. . . but it is more than that. While their feet may be firmly planted in tunes by great artists like Pearl Jam, Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, and Aerosmith,  they can easily switch to a Lionell Richie song and cover them all equally well. The group is composed of seasoned musicians who have all been in bands with genres ranging from rock, metal, and dance to country.

Voodoo Slim officially began in January 2014 and began playing  at several popular live music venues in the Dalton Georgia, Athens Tn., and Chattanooga Tn. areas.

You can catch Voodoo Slim on stage almost every weekend, performing 3 to 4 hours of non-stop hits. The music is fun, and the fun is contagious!


The Band

Ian Malign – Vocals


Ian has been singing since he was five years old. He has fronted numerous bands ranging from country and christian rock to metal.  His heaviest influences are Elvis Presley, Eddie Vedder, Steve Perry, Layne Staley, and Gene Simmons.





Rodney Price – Lead Guitar



Rodney Price – Bio Coming Soon








Keith Coffey – Guitar


Keith is from Ringgold, has been playing guitar for 30 years . He has played in various bands over the years in US and Europe….loves Led Zep, Kiss, Hendrix and The Beatles..  Guitars: Fender Strat and Gibson Les Paul..Amps: Laney , Line6 Gear..







Jim Denham – Bass



Jim Denham- Bio Coming Soon






Tab Baccus - Drums

Tab Baccus – Drums


The person holding the rhythm section of Voodoo Slim together is Tab Baccus. He has been playing drums for over twenty plus years in bands of varying styles, and is highly skilled in what he does. His approach is simple as he states, “I’m responsible for keeping this freight train rolling.” Keeping that momentum going is something that Tab does very well. Although his style of drumming is arguably that of a “pocket drummer”, Tab definitely gets in his licks. “I don’t like players that are show-offs,” states Tab, “but that doesn’t mean that I can’t add flavor to the music and show off a little when it’s warranted. My challenge is knowing when to add that flavor with a fancy lick or a thunderous roll around the drum kit. It is so easy to over play, particularly for drummers, and the challenge is to restrict the power of my playing so that the drum fills have the most impact.” Tab definitely is capable of impact whether it’s his over the top stage presence while playing or his thunderous sound that fans can feel in their chests. Tab is the solid, powerful force of rhythm behind Voodoo Slim.

Brian Irwin – Drums


Brian Irwin hails from Chickamauga Georgia. He has been playing drums for 30+ years. He completed his education in percussive arts at The Atlanta Institute of Music. Upon graduation, Brian has been performing as a professional musician not only recording but touring and opening for several major acts in the US and overseas. When not performing with Voodoo Slim, Brian works in Media Production and as an Instructor at Music Instruction Studio.